Web Site Design & Social Media Advertizing

Web Design

In today’s business environment, all business need a few basic must-have essentials, one of which is a web presence. And every web site must have a least four pages:- a landing page (Home) where customers will be introduced to your internet presence, usually an quick overview of your company; an ‘about us’ page to show the details your company with “reason why” statements; a ‘what we do’ page to describe your services or products on offer and, finally, a contact us page.

Of course these can be expanded to suit your company profile but essentially every web site will have versions of these starter pages.

To have a web site each company must have 1) a domain name (that is the unique internet-based identifier for your company) and a hosting service (where your web site files are stored and are available to internet users 24/7).

Basic costs for web designs are as follows:

Domain Name registration – annual fee TT$     165.00
Hosting (inclusive of 5 email accounts) – annual fee TT$     990.00
Basic Site Design – 4 pages TT$  3,000.00
Per additional page TT$      525.00



Social Media Marketing
We take many of our marketing cues from the biggest first-world market closest to us, in our case that’s North America and in the US social media is populated by many platforms. But we are not operating within the American market and, as you can plainly see from the above audience chart only two social media platforms attract a large enough target audience to make their use effective to your marketing/advertising strategies.

AntRod Consulting will set you up on Facebook and/or Pinterest and create a focused plan to efficiently use this market to your benefit. Basic company set-ups on each platform costs TT $500, maintenance of your advertising plan can be handled by yourself or by us for a nominal fee.