Social Media

Everybody today is talking about Social Media in one aspect or another, from the negative; President's Trump use of Twitter and the positive; its effect on the revolution in the Mid-East, not to mention its massive impact on the marketing environment. But what is Social Media and, more importantly, how does it differ from the traditional media: - Newspapers; magazine; radio & TV.

If you ask this question via Google search you will get various definitions, inclusive of many computer-related and physiological-related technical terms, but they all can be uncomplicated into one simple idea.

Social media encompasses any medium that allows two way communication with your audience

It is as simple as that! Traditional Media grants one-way communication only; from the marketer to their consumers. If those customers have a question or a comment on the message in the newspaper, radio, magazine or TV, no matter how long nor how loud the ask it, it will never get back to the marketer. To be heard they will have to use another medium. And in most cases, this usually meant the loss of, or in the best case scenario, a disgruntled consumer.

Social Media gives your prospect a voice that can be heard, and answered, in a format that benefits your entire clientele!

There are many software/programs available to the marketer to take advantage of this new media, each with its targeted audience base usually defined by the programs usability profile. And, much like how advertising agencies' of the past would use a mixture of Traditional Media to convey marketing messages,  a combination of these Social Media options can be employed to channel the same messages.