Facebook is the king of Social Media, that is from a marketing stand point. It offers the largest audience and is the most versatile platform to get your advertising messages to its target market.

Facebook offers targeted audiences a unique and complete view of your products and/or services via audio, video, pictures and the written word.

Its large 1.7 billion daily active users are spread across the globe, but the system allows you to focus your reach to the exact numbers that defines your specific audience. The benefit of this feature is that you pay for the audience you want rather than for the entire audience as you do using traditional media.

And best of all Facebook is a great channel for two way communication with your customers and potential customers.

Facebook campaigns have the ability to 1) increase your customer base by using targeted messages to not only your specific audience but to subsets of your audience as well, plus 2) to keep your customers with direct offers better than any other rewards-based system.