Data Base Solutions

Small and medium sized companies that use a spreadsheet to create customer information systems soon get bogged down in the complexity and same-data reentering to gain simple usable forms:- from invoices and statement; to reports on buying patterns or simple contact information.

Spreadsheets, like Excel, which are great for what if scenarios or compilation and comparative analysis of extracted data, but are cumbersome and input heavy (that is: requires the re-input of the same data many times) when used for database management. The best data management method for most companies is to use a database tool, Like Access, to enter and manage data.

With Access you can build:-

Customer databases, which interlink with...Order databases, which interlink with...Invoices. Where the orders will automatically pull your customer information, including, billing address, shipping address, credit limit. Allow you to enter the product, where the description. code and pricing will automatically be generated. Then once the order is complete, you can automatically generate an invoice.