About Me

I entered the Advertising field through Norman, Craig & Kummel's (NCK) in-house training program in 1979.  On graduating, three years later, I became the only Advertising professional in Trinidad & Tobago with a full working knowledge in all the specialist fields (Art; Media; Client Services; Print Production; Traffic; Radio & TV Production; PR; Marketing; Management; Accounting and even the Receptionist position) within the typical full-service Ad Agency.

NCK became Hernandez/Foote, Cone & Belding (HFCB), through international mergers. Ten years later, after ascending to Client Services Director, I migrated to Barbados and started my own Agency, HFCB Advertising. Now retired from the day-to-day activities of a full-service Advertising Agency business, I offer consultation services to Companies, Agencies, and Media.

As a motivated and personable business professional, with over thirty years of valuable experience in advertising; social media marketing; media planning and implementation; budgeting; special events management; office management plus my technological know-how in printing (offset, web & screen); video production; audio production; artwork creation and web development I can bring a wealth of successful solutions to any business problem

My in-depth understanding and experience with Microsoft Office software makes me ideal to offering Excel and Access based solutions to all your office/accounts requirements.

Personal Timeline:

August 2017:                     Returned to Trinidad and Tobago

2009 – 2011:                    Vice-president of the Barbados Motoring Federation

2009 – present:               Citizenship: Ireland, Trinidad & Tobago and Barbados

2003 - 2004:                    Chairman of Barbados Rally Club

1995 – 2002:                    Chairman of Barbados Rally Club

1994 – 1995:                     Vice-Chairman of Barbados Rally Club

1989 – 2017:                     Immigrated to/lived in Barbados

1962 – 1989:                     Immigrated to/lived in Trinidad & Tobago

1958:                                  30th November, born in Dublin, Ireland.