When I entered the field of Advertising etched lead plates had to be created for each press ad before it could be sent to the newspapers, though it was not long, a year or two, before this was replaced by printing directly from negatives.

Over my next thirty-two years in the industry I have seen dramatic changes in the advertising industry, even introducing many of them, into the two Advertising Agencies that I worked for (Norman, Craig & Kummel which later became Hernandez, Foote, Cone & Belding) and then into my own Agency (HFCB) which I operated for over twenty years in Barbados.

For many years, traditional Mass Media - Print/Newspapers; Radio & TV -  was the major contributor to any successful marketing/advertising plan.  Within the last fifteen years, conventional media has been strongly challenged by the maturing of the electronic media, known more commonly as Social Media.  And, like with the introduction of network TV in 1948, Social Media has become a major player in the media mix of any successful marketing/advertising campaign.

In spite of this fact, many companies still do not include Social Media into their marketing mix, and of those who do, the majority use it incorrectly. Contact AntRod Consultants now to see how effective Social Media can be used to increase your bottom line.